New York State Education Department
Office of Special Education

Surveys on Meeting the Needs of Students with Learning Disabilities

: Consistent with the New York State Education Departmentís (NYSEDís) commitment to promote high-quality, evidence-based instruction for all students, the Office of Special Education has developed surveys for administrators, educators/service providers/school personnel, and families on meeting the needs of students with learning disabilities resulting from dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia in New York State. Results of the surveys will be used to inform guidance development related to students with specific learning disabilities and other Department initiatives including the NYSEDís State Systemic Improvement Plan, which is a multi-year, achievable plan that is designed to increase the capacity of school districts to implement, scale-up, and sustain evidence-based practices to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Directions: Select the appropriate survey to complete from the list below (Complete only 1 survey).  Please respond to each statement by indicating the extent to which you agree or disagree. If you would like to further explain your response, please do so in the box following each statement. Please note that your responses are completely anonymous. No one will know how you answered. If you have any questions about the purpose and/or content of the surveys, please contact Kelly Onorato at the New York State Education Department (  If you have any questions about how to navigate and complete the survey, please contact Thomas Kelsh (

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Survey of Special Education Administrators

Survey of Teachers, Service Providers, and School Personnel
Survey of Family Members